Question on Standard Horizon VHF radio

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I see new Standard Horizon 890 is now out.

This is a class H DCS, not class D. Class H is missing features compared to D. Don’t quote me on that, but I seem to recall that it does not have a separate CH 70 receiver which is kinda important. I have been told 870 is a way to go.

Ok didn’t know thanks

Wow, SpaceSputnik clearly said “don’t quote me on that”, and then, virtually the very next post. I mean, you even quoted the part where he said “don’t quote me on that.” :smiley:

It’s enough info for me to check myself.

Thanks all, but I have gone to game plan B or C or whatever and ordered a West Marine VHF75.
I saw it in the store and lusted for it’s small size and antenna, and they had it on sale today from an original $119 to $80.
I liked my last ICOM, but in my estimation it died way too early
I don’t need any extra bells and whistles or emergency SOS buttons