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Anyone have any experience of working with Rack and Roll lately? I think they moved their business from California to the East Coast - maybe Maryland? I’ve called them a couple of times asking them to send me the part/s I need for the recall along with some replacement locks. By the way, I don’t know about other rack and roll owners but the locks on mine are a nightmare to lock and unlock. I called Rack and Roll twice, first time to send me to parts for the recall - and they said they would send it but didn’t - I also emailed them via their website - no reply -two weeks later I called back again and asked them to do the same thing and the lady on the phone promised to send me the parts AND replacement locks and its running almost a week and a half now and still I havent received anything. On top of that, instead of getting a live person like I always used to two months ago -I get a voicemail now when I call them. Could this be a decline in the supposed superb customer service that I’ve heard about from Rack and Roll before? I’d love to hear other opinions. Thanks!

Rack and Roll Customer Service
Normally, R&R want you to return to your original dealer for service and parts. In my case, I visited John Kock (CEO) at his new facility in Frederick, Maryland for my safety recall as well as a tongue extender. He and his assistants could not have been nicer or more cooperative and I was very very impressed and happy with the service. I do know that John travels internationally to visit his suppliers(i.e., China) and is frequently out of the country for 2-3 weeks at a time, so that might explain why nobody answers the phone. In my experience, they never return phone calls, but once you catch them, especially John, they stand behind their product. BTW, my locking mechanism failed but John was kind enough to get on his hands and knees to file the aluminum edge so that it would eventually turn and lock with the key. I don’t dare ever unlock it, though :slight_smile:

Well - here’s my experience…

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I've been using the Rack and Roll now for less than 30 days. I thought I'd share these last few notes on the Rack and Roll company and the actual trailer.

1 - Rack and Roll, the company, moved from their CA location to MD. They must still be trying to get their act together over there because it took a long time and at least 5 phone calls to their office to get the answers to my questions and replacement parts including the recall part (I have yet to receive the recall part) but I did receive a brand new set of locks but of course, no instructions whatsoever on how to replace them. I asked for them too.

2 - As for the suggestion of working with my dealer, I did for the fender that was cracked and scratched but I dont think I have any plans of working with them ever again mainly because it takes a long time to get a response from dealer and in addition, they blamed everything back to Rack and Roll rather than just taking care of the problem.

3 - Here's what I learned about my new trailer.
a) The holes where you put the pin in that allows you to join the trailer and tongue needs to be filed down per Rack and Roll. This makes it easier for the pin to be inserted.

b) Another tip I learned is in order to make it easier for everything, like the pins and locks to fit together you would definitely want to insert the pins in and secure it in place before you lock them down. There's three locks, one to join the tongue and trailer and two to join the wheels and shock absorbers.

c) Finally, the wiring on the trailer is a little shoddy so you'll definitely want to use either electrical tape or even better, liquid electrical tape to protect the exposed wires - not the connectors of course.

Still - with everything I've experienced and it just maybe bad timing on my part because I bought the trailer while Rack and Roll was in the middle of moving their business - I can't say that I'm a totally satisfied customer. From the previous feedback, not answering the phone because the boss is out of the country seems like a cop-out to me. He can't be the only person working there. It is funny that the prior poster mentioned how awesome this company is because when I spoke to the ladies that worked for them on the phone they were great - I'll admit that - great, phone customer service. They both promised to get me the parts but I've only seen just the locks and even then its missing instructions. On top of everything, they also promised me that the owner would contact me and that was at least 3 or 4 weeks ago but I still have yet to hear from him. So somehow, their team communication isn't quite working. Finally, I definitely dont have any plans to drive to MD to get the service I was hoping to get - great for you that you live close by to them to be able to do what you did.

Rack and Roll Service
I have a trailer from them and they were very prompt on notifing me of the recall. I did the job myself and got the kickstand. I get alot of complements on the trailer and its better for my back. No hassel at all to get it registered from Great Outdoor Provisions in Wilmington. The new designed trailer is “better” with the electrical wiring. I have the old style and mine is a electrical nightmare. The wires pinch and have had a few electrical issues. I shorted out all my back lights on my Honda CRV. But that was my fault not theirs; thats my assumption. John who run things did return my calls. My left turn signal and left brake lights still do not work. They are still working with me. Its probably my converter in my CRV since I have running light all the way around. Its not the bulb since it works when switched out to the right. I did have to make extra calls but they did return my calls. I say its a solid company, and a good product. I would buy again if I won the lottery for the new designed trailer.

Its very expensive and have seen some great homemade trailers. Mine looks sharper and the scratches on my kayak disappear every time its on the trailer. Because the trailer is so sharp looking.

My Experience (Good)
I am considering purchasing their trailer. I called with some questions last Tuesday. Phone was answered on the 2nd ring. I asked for John Koch since I had met him at ECCKF. He was in China but expected back on Thursday. I let the woman know my first question and she said I will get you someone. Phone quickly transfered. I had a list of five questions. While we were talking the guy asked if I was the “motorcycle guy” from ECCKF (which I am) and I remembered him too.

They apparently ispect/assemble every unit now that comes off the cargo ship. John was apparently in China specifically to eliminate the production quality consistency issues.

I look forward to purchasing one soon.


Mt. Pleasant, SC

The Rack Warehouse – Any feedback?
I was thinking of purchasing a Rack and Roll through the Rack Warehouse (internet).

Anybody have any experience with them?


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there is no doubt that the Rack and Roll trailer is a great trailer. In addition, the fact that it saves your back and your “dead” arms after a really long paddle when it comes to packing up your kayak at the end of the day is absolutely heavenly. I definitely recommend it. Hopefully, the rest of you will have much more luck with them than I did. Today, I finally got the replacement fender replaced by the dealer I worked with who happens to sell mainly bikes. The informed me that the holes located on the side of the new fenders are much smaller than the stock fender built on Aug 2007 and they even showed me proof of it when they did a side by side of both fenders. This is the kind of issue that I’m talking about with their product. Overall - I really like the trailer but these little issues where holes aren’t drilled correctly on the trailer and the plastic parts make me really nervous. The earlier comment of someone who said that they dare not take it apart (the trailer) is scary too. Isnt that one of the big “plusses” of buying this $2000+ dollar trailer? It saves you on storage? I suggest that if you plan on getting a trailer - make sure that the dealer is a reputable one. I would buy it from someone who sells kayaks. If the kayak/rack and roll dealer was closer to where I live and not almost 3-4 hours away that’s what I would’ve done.