I guess it’s a good day to put the refurbished Yakima Crossbars on the new Jetta Wagon. I refurbed the towers from the old Subaru and bought some wider crossbars(58").

This could thrive on Discussion forum.

wouldn’t g6d or g8d be more appropriate?
since you like to play god?

OK, so I put the Yakima pipes on the roof and took it for a spin. I get the usual wind noise which I’m OK with but do the Yakima fairings help with this issue?

string trick?
Have you heard the idea of wrapping some find-diameter string (like mason’s line) around the bars in a spiral with a pitch of about 1 inch? Some folks have had better luck with that than with the plastic fairing.

can’t you take the racks off when …

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...... you're not using them ??

Don't know which set-up you have , but I use the Q-towers and they go off or on in 5 mins. ... I prefer to keep them off when not in use , saves on weathering , noise , etc. ... mine will hum some at around 35 mph.

Double Cross Towers
I believe that is what they are called as I bought them when I bought my 2000 Subaru. I like them because they are all metal with locks. Once I put them on I leave them on for the season as I carry others things such as bikes to.

our bikes go on the back …

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...... another 5 mins. to carry out the hitch rack and stick it on .

I see lots of people who leave their set-ups on all the time when not being used ... I guess it might simplify things a little that way .

With some of the autos used previously , a little extra noise wouldn't have made any diffrence , lol ... but our latest (read best) auto is quiet compared to those others and I'm a little spoiled by that !!

That would be g0d.