rc canoe

I have a rc rubberized canoe from i believe the 70’s. I would like to know who the mfg was and is this style worth restoring?

It depends on your goals and resources.
I vaguely remember canoes built from a tough material that was kind of like hard rubber.

Is it worth restoring? I’m sure that if the hull is cracked, the cracks can be repaired with glass and/or polyester cloth and epoxy resin. But you could be out the better part of $100 just to get set up for that.

Are the gunwales uncracked? Still riveted properly to the hull? Seats attached?

Sometimes plastic gets brittle with age. I would whack that boat with an aluminum bat, being careful that it does not bounce back off your head. You don’t want to do a lot of work on it and then have it break badly on the first encounter with a hidden rock.

I guess what I’m saying is that it might be worth a little work and a little money if it gets you on the water. But it is unlikely to be a high performance canoe. Nor will it have much resale value. You could do better by spending some time learning about the used canoe market and grabbing a good canoe for a few hundred.