Re-connecting "the gray thing"

The foam block for flotation in my rec boat got “disconnected.” The bracket stuck into the foam basically got ripped out. I probably should just remove the bracket and get a flotation bag up there (which would work better than “the gray thing”). But I’d like to hear some advice on reconnecting the flotation foam.

grey tape
hee hee.

the float bag idea prolly gives you the best bet unless you can get the bracket to work again. you’ll need to get the float tied in securely.


Add a bulkhead and hatch
…well, if yer gonna work on the flotation, WORK on it!

is the bracket a strip of plastic?
If so, it is like the rec boat I repaired for a friend. The plastic strip was something firm for a through-deck screw to go into. I used Weldwood contact cement to re-glue the plastic strip to the foam, and once it was dry, re-attached it via the original screw.

G/Flex epoxy is designed for plastic repairs - easy to use and works very well.