Reading glasses for on-water use?

Dollar store
Go to the dollar store. Buy half a dozen pairs of reading glasses in whatever magnification suits you.

When you get down to two functional pairs, then go buy another half dozen.

got the long arm thing going?
Me too. I started fly fishing and learned I couldn’t tie on flies etc without using the clip on magnifiers. They cost a whopping $12 and as I almost always have on polarized sunglasses of some sort they clip right on and I flip them up when not in use. Make map reading and camera functions way easier for me. I have used them clipped to the BACK of a hat on a few paddles where it is really overcast and I left my sunglasses in the car.

If I needed to read I simply spun the hat around with the brim in back and the clip-on reading glasses on the rear band putting them closer to my eyes-read my chart and spun the hat back around. yeah…pure dork but I no longer care…

they just stick on your nose.

compact, cheap, lightweight

no metal parts to break