Recommended Skeg Cable Lubricant

Cable or wire, it doesn’t matter
The point is not the material, it’s the lubricant and its properties. Anything will work initially, but oily lubes end up making a mess.

Why do I not have a mess then?
I use Boeshield a lot! I’d not squirt that down my skeg tube… Whatever works for ya.

Not sure, but
I have used Boeshield on the skeg cables of three different kayaks and it worked just fine as a lubricant.

Boeshield is fine…
…because it dries after application. I use it sometimes, too.

Developed by Boeing as …
a protective barrier against corrosion. Very good at that. Use it on big power vessels all the time. LanoCote is another superb protectant, but a bit messy. Excellent for coating threads on fasteners before installing into Aluminum etc. Years later the fastener will back right out

A potential problem with 3 in 1 oil
The previous owner of a kayak I recently purchased used 3 in 1 oil to lube the cable skeg. It eroded the plastic housing and water was pouring into cockpit through the skeg control and the cable tract. I am going to need alot of sanding and acetone to the area where I will make a housing because oil can make it harder for epoxy to stick to glass.

LanoCote, eh?
LanoCote - that’s what should have been used on the yakima style footbraces that I can’t get loose from the Necky . . . I gave up and returned the footbraces I was going to replace them with. Too bad it wasn’t thought of . . .