Remix XP Skeg Cable issues


I’m wondering if any of you Remix XP paddlers - particularly older boats (2009, 2010) are running into problems with your skeg cable stretching. I have a Gen 1 XP10 and at this point, my skeg is 2" below the hull in the “up” position. I’ve tried over the years to get LL to help but have only been given very hacky suggestions to remedy the issue. It’s a fixed cable length and there is no adjustment for cable stretch.

For those of you with NEWER XPs (or other skegged LL boats) - is there an adjustment to compensate for cable stretch?

I cannot be the only one who has run into this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

My skeg on xp hangs out a bit as well,
I’m not sure 2 inches but maybe an inch. I don’t see it as a problem. It flex’s up over rocks and such. No worries- a bigger concern is how my seat back seems to be sagging.

had an LL Coupe back in 2010
which is sort-of the SOT version of the Remix XP, and has a similar skeg mechanism. Back then, Obie at Legacy Paddlesports customer support sent me an adjustable “stopper” device to replace the original crimped-on fitting at the end of the cable, where it mounts into the plastic skeg. The “stopper” can be moved and tightened with a small allen wrench to take up the slack as the cable stretches over time. It didn’t take much of an adjustment to get rid of the slack.

I have a picture of the replacement part if you want to email me.

I would love to see a pic. I think I was working with Obie at the time as well, but wasn’t offered a stopper.

I combed through ace hardware today looking for something like that… a ferrule of some sort with a set screw. Came up empty.

I did get a wire rope stopper today, but then realized you need a $30 tool to swage it.

Does it look like this?

Here it is

Even better than what they have at McMaster Carr.

I emailed LL yesterday, hopefully they offer one of these up.


Just wanted to send a quick update. Liquid Logic (Legacy Paddlesports) is making good on a design flaw despite the boat being out of warranty. They are sending me a cable and the new stopper with the set screw, no questions asked. Yay!!