Removing fish scent in Bear country.

I’m done.

I specifically question whether the
slight fish odor left on one’s hands after a normally thorough washing is going to be detected by a bear outside the tent. That is why I raised the issue in the first place. People are pretending that there are “experts” in what bears can smell, and that bears can detect virtually any low level odor and use it as a basis for deciding to rip into a tent. I think that whether a bear rips into an occupied or unoccupied tent has mainly to do with the bear’s previous experience with tents and people, not with details about smell. I originally responded to this thread in the hopes of sparing the thread author some worry. Obviously he is not willing to let loose of his worry.

bring a small scrub brush, like a nail brush and some baking soda and have at it. It should remove all the scent.

You’re right to be concerned, imho. The issue with most bears is not what you do but what the last idiot who camped there did and you have no control over that.

Colostomy bags are scent proof and are a good way to store really stinky or gory stuff (like fillets!). You can submerge or bury them for added protection.

And do wash your boat, bears like plastic, bright colors and smelly stuff. Had one bite the nose off a Zodiac once, although that wasn’t a black bear.

a new use for my colostomy bag!