repair kit for fibreglass canoe?

No. I am not interested in reading anything he has written. He could be a great source of knowledge, but you would never know it by his posts here.

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your initial post. And we have had any number of people on pnet who don’t know the difference between FG, AL, and Royalex.

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The answer is pretty obvious
If you do multi day trips in wilderness you need to make some sort of repairs. I have taken duct tape back in the early 90’s to temp fix glass.

Then I jettisoned the glass. I wrapped my Kev boat in Temagami where there is no road access for about a four day paddle. Duct tape to the rescue. I can vouch that it worked as the kevlar folded. Had it holed I had heavy duty plastic. No field tests on that one.

Now waiting for the next silly volley.

Don’t assume everyone that paddles is in that category.

There will be less risk of that if they
don’t talk like they belong in that class.

And note that no ww paddler of composite boats I have ever known would trust repair to someone who made composite sailboats. It’s another world.

You are welcome to impress us with your relevant expertise on any occasion. Maybe you have it. But getting indignant isn’t going to cut it.

I have repaired lots of fiberglass canoes. From wrapped boats, to delaminated boats, to simple holes punched in the side. Just because I built fiberglass sailboats for a living doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent a lot time working on fiberglass canoes and building wooden sea kayaks.

Stop insulting people and you will have a lot fewer problems in your life.

Start setting forth your ideas clearly,
so that you are not subject to misunderstanding.

I still wouldn’t let you touch one of my boats. Not if I was crippled and stranded.

Duct Tape and epoxy putty
I carry good Duct Tape(3M 3939)and a tube of epoxy putty.

The duct tape won’t stick to wet surfaces. But once the hull was dry I’ve made temporary repairs that lasted through several days of class III rock pounding (Dead River ME).

Never yet had to use the putty but it’s small in my pack so I keep bringing it.

On our Allagash trip last week Wickerbut brought a GFlex repair kit. We had no need for the cloth but did use the epoxy to re-glue a kneepad that came loose.