Replacement VCP hatch covers

Who these days might have the large oval VCP hatch covers in stock (hopefully at a price less than my annual income)? I am in South Texas so it needs to be someone who does mail order.


Please read through this discussion
I think it will give you all the answers you want on after-market replacements for Valley lids.

Try — got me from there lowest price and awesome service.

Curious, do you know why has two different 8" round hatches listed?


AKT should have them on hand.

The River Connection, Inc.
Just did year end inventory. They are definitely in stock.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc

Hyde Park, NY

Sailboat Owners
Check but I believe one may come with the rim as an assembly ,the other is just the top.

I highly recommend
the River Connection.
You can Buy them online at

Item -,234.html

Yeah you can get them at the Kayak
Centre in Wickford, RI. However, having dealt extensively with both TKC and The River-Connection I personally would choose The River-Connection hands-down. Of course ymmv.

Ordered from River Connection
Thanks all. Decided on the regular VCP cover from River Connection. Marshall helped me out a few years ago when I was spending a month paddling around New York. Not only did he sell me some good replacement gear for some stuff I damaged in the middle of the trip, but helped me figure out some nice paddling trips and even managed to hook me up with some locals so I did not have to do everything solo.

He is a nice guy. Just remember to never ask him “What else do you have that I might need?” unless you are way below your limit on your credit card :slight_smile: