Retirement & Kayaking-suggestions

Check out:
Bartram Canoe Trail, Gulf Shores, AL

Central to B’Ham, ATL, NashVegas…
Tennessee River Valley, Northern Alabama.

Agree about Charleston…sort of
We don’t have many lakes immediately around Chastown. There are two large man-made lakes (Moultrie and Marion) about 45 minutes or so north of the City near the Town of Moncks Corner and Eutawville (about 1 hour from Charleston). Lots of tidal rivers, though and there’s always the ocean.

I would suggest Delaware. It can get cold on occasion in the winter, but with global warming who knows. The coastal area is great inland bays, the ocean, tidal rivers. As far as culture your an hour and a half ride to baltimore, DC or Philly. There are no sales tax and a large percentage of your retirment income is not taxed. Property taxes are moderate at best with discounts to seniors.

No lakes here, very very expensive
Not a good place to retire in my opinion.


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Look at Hot Springs National Park Arkansas.
The whole city is a National Park set in the middle of what we call the tri-lakes area.
They are Lakes Ouachita,Catherine,Hamilton.
Homes me be purchased on Catherine and Hamilton but not Ouachita which is a 40,000 acre lake in the National forest. Access to all the lakes is easy with marinas and boat ramps on all the lakes.
There are many small towns in the area just minutes from all three lakes that provide country living but just a short drive from fine restaurants and the arts.
If you like to fish you will be in fishing heaven.
What we call winter is usually about two to three months. Today it was 63 degrees.
Google Lake Ouachita and Hot Springs National park and take a look.

Retirement or dying?
Come on now. I am 69 and what you are describing for yourself seems more like checking out than taking advantage of the great freedom of retirement. I will likely retire in a few years and I have no intention of backing off and doing ho hum paddling.

River Styx?
Maybe too warm (and too retired)!

charlindabob on Jan-21-09 10:37 AM (EST)
I agree with central FL and the gulf coast, having benn there many times, and having it be the type of place you descrive. Mexico too primitive, who would buy property in Mexico? Only a gambler. I think FL is wonderful, albeit as scupperfrank says, crowded. But hey, warm weather, great seafood, you can buy a place cheaply now since all the speculators are taking it on the chin, and you can paddle your ass off under the protection of the US Govt and police forces. Can;t beat it.

PS My friend lives in Dallas, one of the repsonse above, and it sucks for paddling, he states: too hot and humid most times, putrid water, man-made lakes. Surprised to see it on your list. After being a Pnetter for about four yesrs, plenty of FL paddlers; few in the Dallas TX area.

Enjoy the sport, stay warm, be cool, and eat raw fish only in a pinch. 'So long, Kimosabe.

Lake Superior, of course! Cold is relative. Maybe you can’t kayak in the winter, but you can take the wind sled across the ice.

If your 401k is large enough

ahhhh retirement
I’m in eastern NC. MANY GREAT places to paddle. Not many folks seem to really know, or care, about kayaking YET. I’m on the Pasquotank River, close to Elizabeth City. The town is nothing great, just another little dying Southern town. But…we are 40 miles from Norfolk, VA. If you enjoy ‘city things’, it’s close enough for a short ride up. There are numerous QUIET rivers, creeks, and backwater spots, PERFECT for quiet water paddling. I go all day long and never see another boat of any kind. Weekends are different. The jet skis and fishermen come out in droves. LOL But, for the retiree…perfect location. Worth checking out. Best of luck and many happy hours of paddling. OH…if you prefer to paddle in rapids…Roanoke Rapids is about the nearest fast water. About 105 miles west of us. Good luck…giz…also a retiree and loving it. LOL LOL LOL

I would kiss this whole…

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....warm water east coast Florida thing goodbye. While it costs way too much to live in the PNW I would figure out a way to make it work. Port Angeles, WA is depressed right now. Property and rent is probably low (for the PNW). You might consider buying a drysuit and changing your priorities. Across the way is Vancouver Island and the fabulous "Wild Coast". Within 10 minutes of your KOA, apartment, house, underpass, whatever is the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Drive up the Strait and you have Freshwater Bay, Crescent Beach, Neah Bay Hoback, etc., etc.
Wanna learn to surf? There are surf shops. Whitewater? OK there is that too.
The Kayak Symposium at Port Townsend becomes a short drive where you can demo boats, attend classes, eat and drink in the heart of historic PT, drive home and sleep in your own bed, or not.
Tired of paddling? Wanna go skiing? Drive up to Hurricane Ridge. They have some lifts of sorts and XC skiing. Beautuful place.
Backpacking trailheads are a very short drive away.
A week ago I was in PA. Drove over from Seattle to visit friends. Took my boat (remember to keep your total vehicle/boat length under 20 feet). Ate at a very good restaurant for 1/2 the cost of Seattle, took in the the PA Sympony performance (nothing to get excited about but what the heck, drove up the Elwa to a great lake, helped a WW paddler from Ohio move their car down river to a take out, went to a decent surf beach and slept in a quiet neighborhood.

Wonder why Chris Duff lives there.

Do a Google search for Port Angeles, WA. Not a bad place for someone who is retired and paddles.

Vancouver BC
paddle year round.

Beaches. Biking.

They have palmetto trees on the beach.

Plus all the happenings of a young city.

Try before you buy
Rent a place where you focus in on and see how it feels. The warm winter desire can be the towering inferno in the summer. My neighbor has the right idea. CT in the 3 seasons and a cheap condo for he winter in FL. Since the date you posted this, properties have diminished enormously in price (unfortunately). I always thought the Carolinas offer a good weather compromise and very affordable and not an over crowded mess that FL has turned into.