River running in a sea kayak.

Wildwater Racing…
There is also a small element in the whitewater community that paddles wildwasser down river kayaks. These boats are long and unstable like a sea kayak and they race them through some of the gnarliest rapids.

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one word - brace
I had a chuckle with angstrom’s “It’d be worth finding a spot with one or two nice big eddys to practice in.” - the key word here is big!

If you’re comfortable in whatever boat you’re paddling, the biggest lifesaver will be a strong brace. Still, I wouldn’t go past Class II without heavy medication.

Its all doable, based on skill level and confidence - and your ability to acknowledge both.

big eddy
I found a sea-kayak-sized eddy at the outflow of a small hydro dam when I lived in Michigan. it made a fun play spot on an otherwise quiet stretch of river.

Although as other folks have pointed out, you should be able to take a maneuverable sea kayak almost anywhere you’d take a tandem canoe – and I’ve seen them park in some pretty small eddies when handled well.