Rockpool Kayak demo Midwest.

Rockpools new Alaw Bach TCC will be avalible for sale and or demo at the Aurora Paddlesports Festival next weekend June 12/13th on Mastodon lk.

Google Auroro paddlesports Festival for details.

guess this means
you won’t be bringing them to SBI '-)

sorry I wont
be able to make it this year. Sharon just picked one up from me and loves it. I found she is not going to SBI this year either. She will be teaching from it at the tip of the thumb if that helps.

oh well
work gets in the way of fun again '-)

Sharon… you mean sharon B from Lansing area - got one? now she has an Avocet LV and her Vela if so.

i won’t be going to the Port Austin event. Rather go to Grand Marais and the Ladies event in Marquette, & I’m already registered.

Wish them all well jumpstarting the event tho - Lake Huron offers many great paddling trips.