Rolling after hip resurfaced.

I just had my hip resurfaced which is very similar to a total hip replacement except the ball is not removed. Has anyone rolled their sea kayak after a hip replacement?

I bet you’ll have a wicked hip-snap now!

other surgeries
No hip replacements here–but I have had multiple abdomen surgeries of various sorts, and rolling is fine afterwards (I waited 8 weeks to make the surgeons happy). An extended paddle, layback roll with greenland paddle is a lot easier on the surgery sites than a C to C roll would be.

Mine Was Repaired
Not replaced. The doctor told me a replacement is much easier to deal with than what I had. Yes, you can absolutely roll afterward.

I started kayaking…

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...aproximately 9 months after breaking my right hip in a cycling accident (a femoral neck fracture like Floyd Landis, but I have no problems with AVN). I learned to roll two months later, so yeah, it's certainly possible. The only hip-related issue I've had with kayaking is that it can get a bit stiff from sitting for extended periods of time, but that's true of driving and other seated activities. BTW, cycling is excellent therapy for hip injuries, so if you're not a cyclist, you might consider taking it up. For the most part, the only time my hip bothers me at all is when I don't exercise it enough.

Rolling after hip surgery

Thanks so much for the replys. I’m feeling better already.