roof rack for GTI

DSG allows up and downshift control+++

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I leave it in manual 90% of the time specifically because I am an active down-shifter.

DSG is not an auto with triptronic - it's a manual with a real clutch. A lightning quick computer controlled DUAL clutch that is faster and smoother than any human - including Audi's professional drivers.

The DSG blips the throttle for you on shifts like heel/toe and everything.

OK - You can't jump straight down from 6th to 3rd on the shifter - but the three quick taps on the paddle or shifter will still take you there as fast. If you want to skip down a few gears to to get torque for passing and such - you can also just hit the kickdown on the accelerator and it will automatically downshift as aggressively as RPM allows.

You actually have three ways to downshift: stick, left paddle, or kickdown switch. You can also used the paddles to over ride the computer in auto modes - which return to auto mode in 30 seconds (can be weird - but I don't use auto modes enough to care).

DSG spoils you - like faster Internet - and you adapt almost instantly to the quicker smoother shifts. Over time I did noticing the time between gears and some times where it seems to think a few more milliseconds before deciding on a gear in auto or sport mode - but it's still faster and better than I would be, which is why I now have time to notice and be a bit of a critical back seat driver of the computer.

I drove stick since 1979. I naturally test drove the 6 spd manual version first. It was sweet - a near perfect gearbox. The DSG was better still.

Being able to use either paddles and/or stick at any time is also nice. My old stick habits have me using that more than the paddles, but I'm slowly changing that and using the paddles more when not actively cornering/turning.

Can you come hot into a stop, downshifting hard coming in - or aggressively downshift and punch it for a rocket around slingshot type pass one -
and be changing the CD or sipping a drink at the same time?

I'm not saying these are the best uses - but the options and extra margins this system gives you are nice. When you don't feel like driving it like it's an F1 car - you can turn it over to manual. I rarely do - but on long trips or in I-95 morning gridlock it's sure a nice option.

"D" and "S" modes are also quite different in a rather Jekyll and Hyde sort of way. I've also found the Sport mode excellent for slow bumper to bumper traffic jams - where "D" will want to get to too high of a gear and downshift too late for stop and go traffic. "D" is very well mannered and would probably save me some gas - but is also very alert to the throttle and will give it's all on hard acceleration. "S" keeps the RPMs higher so downshifts better - but I still much prefer to keep it manual.

Combined with the handling, brakes, super solid build and clean simple control layout - I've never felt more capable or secure in a car. All very intuitive - like being the car more than driving it.

There is something about that manual clutch interaction that's gone, and some tricks may be off the table, but with this sort of technology available a clutch pedal makes about as much sense as wanting a hand crank starter.

Advice to die hard stick drivers (like I was): Don't test drive an A3 or GTI with DSG.

Not same

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See crazy long post and other's comments.

I test drove MINIs too, and would only get a MINI with stick. MINI has a good BMW manual - but A3 manual is on par or better - and DSG beat that.

A lot of people think DSG is just triptronic type setup with some control over the shitfs in and auto tranny. As others have mentioned, the clutch system is quite different.

Tell that to Formula 1 drivers
With DSG - YOU control the timing - YOU initiate the up and down shifts. The computer merely complies and works the clutch instead of your foot. It does that faster, smoother, and more consistently than your foot.

Depends on where you are in life I guess
Personaly, I find the A3 a little too boring, and the GTI dead sexy…

Probably has to do with being 27 vrs 44 :slight_smile:

“No honey, I’m sure I can fit (My daughter) in the back seat fine even though its a two door” actually works for me :slight_smile:

Sadly though I did test drive an A3 with the sport suspension, and found it still wallowy and soft compared to the added crispness of the GTI.

They are aimed at markets that are different by 10 years at least in the US

Hey Greyak
I might be wrong but it sounds like you have been called an old fart :wink:

Not intentionally
Just making an observation on different age groups look for different things.

Not saying hes driving a caddy yet :slight_smile:


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I've read DSG likened to playing a video game. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The clutch is by far the most intimate contact one gets to the drivetrain of their vehicle. Important to some, including me. My 2002 GTI has drive-by-wire throttle and a rather rubbery shift linkage, so not much good feeling there, though the shifter did get better after it loosened up a bit.


Suspect I’d like either as much…

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... in slightly different ways.

The new GTIs were still months away when I needed a car. Did look at and drive the MkIV. Also seriously considered MINI. Great fun to drive, and quirky I can deal with - but not that cheap weird dash. That, and a seriously disinterested salesperson killed it for me. Can't say enough good things about the Audi buying experience I had.

Only downsides I see to the GTI at this point are the excess height, and little stuff like that exhaust reroute through the cabin to make it louder. I understand the psychological effect - but that's gimmickry not the real deal. Makes me wonder what else is slapped on to make it rougher than it really is appeal to the younger market. Interior is also, well, a Golf.

A3 does have a pretty plain looking wrapper(interior's great). Good road stance but very simple lines. All Audis are like that. I don't so much prefer it's appearance because of age appropriateness (though at 44 that's true) - or because Audi is a "luxury" badge - but because it's lower key. More of a sleeper.

If a cop sees a GTI take off at a light the styling cues may have him thinking "street racer" and triggering chase behavior. If he sees my A3 he sees a little blue wagon with a roof rack. I might still get the ticket - but I like my odds better in the Audi (plus there's the assumption that all Audi owners have lawyers on retainer and friends in Government *L*).

Yeah - Caddys are really still the line, aren’t they. Their more aggressive styling and performance of late is clearly targeting denial among the aging more than anything. Used to be that’s what Corvettes were for. Hearing friggin’ tunes from when I was in High School on a Cadillac add is scary though. Means it’s closer than I think…

Oh well, at least I’m not over compensating by getting an impractical 2 seat convertible - or a bright red GTI!

Did I mention my other car is a 99 Miata? Or that my GTI is tornado red?


A double zing. What are the odds!?
Too funny.


Am I psychic, or are you being watched, or both?