Roof rack outrigger for heavier boats

Well… the title of the post is “…for heavier boats”. The first boat mentioned in the thread was by PaddleDog52 when he said his Libra XT tandem weighs 100 lbs. bud16415 said his canoe weighs 80 lbs. My recently acquired Northstar tandem weighs somewhere between 80 and 90 lbs. (depending on which website you believe.) I have a long list of tandems that I am tracking prices on (38 different models) 11 models are 75 lbs. or less, the others range up to 110 lbs. Even some single person recreational kayaks weigh more than 75 lbs. The Wilderness Systems Ride 135 for example weighs 82 lbs.

I do not know the weight of the OP kayak, so I posted the weight limit as general information, since I had briefly considered the hullavator and noted the limit.

Our Hullivator assist loads 40 pounds of the 62 we normally load on to it.

Heavier has a broad range considering that they have some composite boats in surprisingly light layups. Many who stay with transition length boats would consider my Nordlow to be pretty heavy.

Yes, if talking a tandem you will likely be above 75 pounds.

I doubt most canoes would work with the cradle shape. But another case where weight is all over the place. My ultralight Merlin comes in at 21 pounds unless l add float bags.

Yes, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, heavy also depends on the person.

Since the OP was talking about loading a boat alone, a tandem was probably not what was being talked about.

I do the same using a yoga mat, with my Perception Sonoma on a Ford Flex!

On my F150 with a slight lift, I press my canoes up partially then step up on a tire step to position all the way on.

I just do what Overstreet said in this thread, strap my 2 wheel kayak cart upside down on the back hatch window, and push the boat up the wheels onto the roof rack. Really easy on and leave it there for easy off at launch site.