Rough Water Syposium: Anyone going???

I’m not sure
I’m waiting for rvwen to tell me if it’s too risky.

It is if…
it is not where you’re planted :wink:

ah touche

I’ve paddled it on a spring tide, and seen it totally flat, and just current. And then other days when you thought it would be benign…Yee Haw!!! My GPS once recorded an 11 knot surf on a wave I caught on the ebb going over the reef at Race Point. One of my buds got an even better ride right after me. We were using The Race as a boost while circumnavigating the island.

The area between Race Point on Fishers Island and Race Rock is a great spot to play and/or practice, because the rock creates a good-sized eddy that you can paddle in and out of, and the island is only a few hundred yards away, too. Great fun.

wrong timing for me too
>Being neither wealthy nor retired, we can’t do two symposiums within a week of each other. I hope Rough Water is as successful as Downeast was last year. I also hope that organizers can determine a way that paddlers can attend both next year<

I would have been more interested had it been for Sat/Sun/Mon instead of Fri/Sat/Sun, especially since Monday is a holiday.

Intead, I will use the 3 day weekend to get up to Maine. That way, I won’t have to take a day off.