Royalite Avalon and epoxy question?

Still there
Still there. Had healthy wood gunwales needing just preservation, a little chip in the bow and a couple spider webbing cracking areas of gel-coat. Hull needed serious rubbing out due to oxidation. $600 I think! BTW I lived in Idaho Falls 1990-1994 and paddled ALL OVER the region. Loved it except when it was frozen!

For a dingy but mostly intact kev/wood. …not bad.

food wrap works
I’ve used food wrap, and it works, just not as well as peel ply.

I also have used the stiffer plastic made for printing overhead briefing slides, back in the time when we used overhead projectors to deliver briefings (“Powerpoint decks”).

Plastic films were useful, but now that I have used peel ply, I won’t use plastic films again unless I am desperate (i.e. no peel ply).


thanks Steve
That is basicly what I planed on doing. The Avalon is for my daughter and boyfriend. They will be paddling rocky rivers in OK and AR. Theyhave no plans for doing white water.The Avalon looked to be a better river boat than the Malacite, the weight when lifting the Avalon felt ligjht as my Kevlar Explorer 16 even with a sliding bow seat and kneeling thwart which the Explorer lacks

I read he specs for R-84 and pblanc is right about various grades. There is mention of an acrylic/pvc layer. I also notice that theA in ABS is an acrylic derivative.

that was why I was interested
Yatipope was kind enough to put me on to it. The Avalon hull similar to the Explorer but a bit narrower seemed better for thier needs. In a side by side comparison the weight wasnt that different. I will try and get yatipope to do his first. ;0)