Rudder knots and handle replacements

Rudder knot

My Perception Caretta has a rudder control by cords, and the one affecting left/right deflection has cord ends knotted to “complete the circuit”. Well, HAD the cord knotted – the knot has become undone. Could someone advise this never-a-Boy-Scout in what type of knot would best serve (I’ll then look up on-line how to tie that particular knot)? I’d contact Perception but I never got an answer to my last question posed to them.

Toting handle replacement

My Perception Caretta had a minor failure, in the rear toting handle for carrying the boat; it is made of black webbing in a loop with a rubberized handle; the failure was pull-through where it mounted to the boat via a screw and fender washer. I’d like to get a replacement is there a vendor for generic (or even boat-specific) minor repair parts? I’d contact Perception but I never got an answer to my last question posed to them.

Any number of knots will work
Most likely a simple overhand knot was tied at the end of the rudder line. This is called a monkey’s paw. A double half hitch will make a slightly large knot. And any number of other knots could work for this.

As for the handles you can make your own. You will need nylon or climbing webbing. Cut it to the length you need with a shouldering iron or heat an old table knife with a propane torch. I would make it long enough to double the ends that the screw needs to pass through. Heat a nail to melt the hole that the screw must pass through as this will keep the webbing from fraying. Use a short piece of garden hose for the handle that the webbing runs through, or buy a foot of heater hose at an auto supply to cut your handles.