Ruling re access to intertidal zone in Maine

sometimes access law is not understood. On inland Great Ponds( thats Maine Legalese for lakes) most all shorefront is private. If it is not developed or posted law holds you can access water across it.

tidal? Different Title 12, §571: Legislative findings and purpose

after a while the mind reels… Going paddling

Agree. It sure is complicated. Many of us go out in paddle boats for solitude or a challenge. Yet for some reason, a tiny strip of land exists in limbo, between the high tide and low tide. As established by the ruling class, using 18 years of carefully recorded data. Is there something empty about water that makes us crave that 3 ft strip of land? Is it because that space separates the “haves” from the “have nots”.

John Wayne had a wonderful line in the Shootist, " . . . I lived most of my life in the wild country, and set a code to live by: I won’t be wronged, I won’t be layed a hand on, I won’t be insulted; I don’t do these things to other people and require the same from them."

Mamma and Pappa Jyak taught me to stay off other people property. That rule was impressed on me. When I look at that wavering line, it doesn’t dominate my thoughts. There’s better places for me.

If you’re clever, and you approach it just so, you can claim your right to that strip of land, and the courts will back you. When you hold that writ in your hand, nobody can move you from that spot until you’re good and ready to leave. Persevere and win. Good luck, but for me, there’s a better places to explore.

War is not the answer, but if it can’t be settled in a civilized fashion, maybe war is the only answer.

Sometimes when you are out on a long paddle offshore in Maine or on some of the biig lakes in various parts of the country you have to land, at least briefly. If plans went awry it might not be in a preplanned location. Yes one tries to avoid this kind of circumstance. But shit happens.

Paddlers who know an area well will likely know about the spots that will avoid irate landowners or working fishermen. People just up for a vacation may not. And the ok in a pinch versus not spots don’t have big signs identifying them.

Maps of Michigan’s Pine River label an area as Ne Bo Shone, and when we got there we saw signs - no trespassing, patrolled by rangers. We decided it was a club started by a bunch of rich people from Chicago. Googled it. Not far off - they were from Toledo. They thought that by buying both side of the river they would have exclusive rights to miles of top-class fly fishing. The first google hit was this interesting read - an old court case that got me thinking of this thread.
The gist: " So long as water flows and fish swim in Pine river, the people may fish at their pleasure in any part of the stream, subject only to the restraints and regulations imposed by the state. In this right they are protected by a high, solemn, and perpetual trust, which it is the duty of the state to forever maintain. Of course, in exercising this right people cannot go upon the uplands of riparian owners in order to gain access to the water. If they do that they are guilty of trespass."

That is understood. Not judging or saying how anyone should proceed. In some areas where I paddle, the reason for stopping is irrelevant. When you land on a beach, you put your fingers in your ears before stepping out.

Could help lol when you mentioned sometimes shit happens. I can imagine telling some rich guy why your wet suit bottom flap is open. I’m sure that’s a story he could embellish back at the clubhouse.

Be careful what you say about rich people. I once aspired to be one, until I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Now I just respect the achievement.

Is that where they saying came from “getting caught doing something with your pants down”?

we’re now officially off course.
Happy Fourth. Since the yahoos will be out I will be in the woods.

Probably, but better that than not getting them down in time. I guess its fine unless you see a sign that says no dumping.