?'s about flying with a paddle ...

i’m going on a few trips shortly and need to bring my paddle. the one i have is a 72" one-piece and i’m worried that no matter how i pack it, something nasty will happen. so, i’m thinking about buying a 2-piece paddle, about the same length, with each half being about 3’ long, the idea being to take it as carry-on luggage. but then i began to wonder: will they even let me through security with it?

anyone have any experience with paddles lately?


they wouldn’t let me
had to check it

See my PVC suggestion with your other

Considered a weapon…
Paddles must be checked. Northwest Airlines and Southwest Airlines both.

How about shipping it ahead?
I don’t know your specific situation ofcourse, but you might consider shipping your paddle to your destination? That way, if you are still worried about damage, you could always use a sturdier shipping box. Has to be sturdier than anything you can use at the airline.

My worry wouldn’t be damage. I, and alot of my associates have had ALOT of Tech diving gear stolen through airline travel over the years. As a result we’ve learned to ship ahead the expensive key pieces of equipment that we can’t carry onboard with us. Shipping can be somewhat expensive with heavy gear depending, but well worth it, and surely a light weight take apart paddle would be easily justifiable to that expense. I can assure you the piece of mind is worth a great deal. Won’t be nearly as likely to have all these issues with shipping ahead.

Good luck! Splash

I just pack a 4 piece in the bag
with my kayak and check. No problems in 12 years of flying with paddles and boats.

Check 'em In
no problem. But, if they lose the luggage…

I made a cardboard box with a carry handle, put the paddle in and lined it strategically with crumpled newspaper for cushioning. Box is marked “Fragile” all over.

3 trips out west with this box and no problem.


checking one or two …
sing et al:

thanks for the help. when you’re checking paddles, are you checking one piece paddles or two?

wing paddles!
seem to work best for me!

thanks all, try the veal, I will be here all week!


Only with certain airlines…



Arctic Hawk






Only thing is, I think there might be a big “flap” about carrying “blades” on board.

Get a gun case
I put 2 TAP paddles in a foam padded plastic rifle case and check it. The case cost $20 at the local hook and bullet store. Tell the TSA it’s not a weapon, though.

one piece
I fly with a one piece. I duct tape an old towel around each blade, then put each end in a ratty old stuff sack and duct tape the drawstring to the paddle. So every who handles it knows it is a paddle. I then just check it and pick it up at the special handling window. Did this more than a dozen times with my $400 AT and never any damage or loss.

I’ve Done Both.
Two piece I stuck into the cardboard box. Since you’re flying with your ski, I assume, you can wrap some cardboard around a one piece and stick it into the waveski bag. The latter I did last March going to Santa Cruz. No probblem with that either, especially if you have good padded waveski bag.