Safety Whistle Field Test

Orion 12ga flare fun counts.

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I have used a Storm whistle for years as a paddling instuctor, and it’s plenty loud for my needs.

Alright, I had to know. I ordered a pair of the Heimdall whistles and they just arrived. Not a big inve$tment.
Get this: The purple one delivers that neat trill sound and the blue one doesn’t. I’ll be using the purple one.

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Hmm. That sent me back to test the 6 I got. Of them, only the lime green one doesn’t seem to want to reliably trill. Guess they have a QC issue.


I was taught during my scuba days that pea whistles don’t work properly if water gets in, so always pea-less around water.
I discovered I have three Fox 40’s. Two are small and quite high pitched. The other is large, black and labeled Fox 40 CAUL with the NHL logo. I found it on the ground. It has a a deeper pitch and is louder. My RNLI whistle beats the small Fox 40’s but the NHL one beats them all.