sailing canoe

I am building a sailing rig for my canoe. It is my second rig, and I hope to make it the best. I am making a carbon mast from tubing from ZRE. Anyone have any info on a good sail design? I am currently using a triangular nylon sail 52 in tall, by 22 in wide. I would like to keep the center of force low so it does not tend to tip. I have had extensive sailing experience, on a 26 ft sailboat. Sailing is not a problem, just the design of the sail. Any help will be great.


Go with a balnce lug rig!
Easy to reef. Sails to windward well as long as you limit it to 50 degrees off the wind. Goes great downwind! Easy to manage. Low aspect means less healing. I made mine by chopping up an old windsurfer sail and using the top half of a windsurfer boom. I used 1 by 1.5 inch lumber for the lug and the boom. I’ve yet to use a rig I like better except for the Pacific Action sail which is much easier to use but doesn’t go to windward well.