Savanah, GA Suggestions?

Looking at the possibility of going to a seminar in late February in Savanah, GA. Will HAVE to do some paddling when I go. Anyone got any paddling suggestions for that area? Hey, C.M., you out there in cyberspace somewhere, buddy? WW

Nigel Law…
Wonderful guy to work with.

There is a good article in the February 08 Sea Kayaker Mag. about paddling around the Savanah area. Page 29. I’ve paddled that area. This is a good time of the year to go. Vaughn Fulton

Sea Kayak Georgia…on Tybee IS. good folks.

ACA meeting there - mid month. looking fwd!!!


what steve said
tybee is ‘kewl’, a genuine retro beach town with a lot of great paddling opportunities, everything from protected tidal creeks to offshore paddling. Sea Kayak Georgia has a great selection of boats to paddle plus there are ‘colorful’ places to hang out, eat, drink and be merry in tybee. aargh!

These other comments make me want to get up and go to Tybee immediately! : )

I can confirm that Nigel Law at SC&K is a nice guy, I’d get up with him for local info at least, even if you don’t employ guide services or rent.

Yet, were I going there, I’d have to visit both SC&K and SKG.

And the current SK article is informative on Savannah.

Nearby, upriver on the Savannah, is
Ebenezer Creek. You can go to the boat ramp at the mouth and just paddle up as far as you want. (Low current at most times.) Fabuluous cypress swamp.

Check out the Crab Shack
on Tybee Island.

A bit of a “touristy” spot but the food is good, the scenery is good and they have a number of live gators on the premises to pass the time while you’re waiting on dinner.

crabshack yuck
crabshack=tourist trap. food is ehhh. there are worse tourist traps. back when it was a shack/ran under bridge it was great.

aj’s on the backriver is better. Believe it or not uncle bubba’s has good food. even though it’s paula’s brother, and a tourist trap. priced the same as crab shack.

upscale on tybee best is george’s.

bar/grill would be north beach grill, and huckapoo’s.

Nigel and Kristin are great people.

Ton’s of places to paddle.

water’s low on ebeneezer now. can’t paddle through the cathedral.

What you wanna do?

Thanks Everyone
Nothing wrong with something being a little “Touristy” when you’re playing “Tourist!” That little creek sounds like a definite spot to check out on one of those days. Thanks for everyone’s input; any and all suggestions are welcome!

Also, I know I could research this online, but what kind of temps do you typically have to paddle in that time of the year (Late February)? Thanks again. WW

40-50 deg. nights, 60-70+ deg days
temps vary a lot (high was 40 yesterday, it will be in the 70s this weekend) but you should get some nice weather at the end of february.

water temp 60 today
late february 60-65

Thanks, Again
It’s one thing to look at the graphs on average “Highs” and “Lows,” but more accurate IMHO to hear it from people who actually paddle there. Thanks! WW

Bamboo Room
Try the Bamboo Room next to Sea Kayak Georgia. A new Thai restaurant has also opened, which is very good. They also serve Hawaiian food, which has a heavy emphasis on fresh pineapple.

The Sundae Cafe next to one store of the Mighty Chu Empire is also excellent.

Eat lots of Wild Georgia Shrimp if they’re still in season. I ordered some this Christmas/New Years that was flash frozen and sent northward in perfect condition. We had many happy, happy guests.

And the Law’s are pretty great people, too…

Ogeechee River
Don’t overlook the Ogeechee River just west of Savannah. It’s a beautiful black water river and if the water level is low enough there are plenty of sand bars for the occasional break. Might be able to put together a group paddle.

Love that “Handle” Gator! Will have to check that river out. C.M., will give you a holler this weekend.


E-mailed Savannah C &K
My employer is renting a vehicle so won’t be able to take our boats. E-mailed this establishment to see about a trip or two. 3 more weeks! WW