sawyer canoe

Swift’s Algonquins
There have been a bunch. The 190 came first6, then DY drew what he considered to be a better 16 foot hull.

Later, the Algonquin nameplate was put on a sized series of outfitter, i.e. boxy, slow, entry level hulls dumbed down for rental.

Kinda like a Chevy Impala, the nameplate goes on different platforms over time.


… but only if you want to buy the property for a Tim Horton’s.

sawyer kayak
rjh, Does your kayak serial no. start with SAW? I thought mine was a sawyer but the serial no. starts with HPP. I just checked the Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) Database and it says my kayak was made by Hyper Craft in Greenfield Ma.

Is there any way you could scan your sawyer catalog and post it? George

Can the Sawyer
Canoe Company somehow be ressurected? Something this legendary should not be let down! Do any of you agree?

seems there was more than one legend
… to the legendary Sawyer Canoe Company.

That Dave Yost is on board with reproducing a few of his designs previously produced under a Sawyer label sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the insight Charlie.

Many have tried
It never seems to work out. There were a coupe incarnations in MI and then most recently the one in OH. Now Superior is making them in MI again.

It must be a hard market to enter into. You don’t see many new canoe companies popping up all over. Charlie might be able to shed light on this, but making canoes takes a lot of space, a lot of equipment, and capital to make something that is expensive and low volume.

I don’t know if it would be possible to do it part time out of the garage and as sales pick up go full time.

I want a 40 lb decked Summersong or
a 15’ to 16’ version of the Loon. The 16’ loon could also be narrowed down a bit.

Actually, I want a 16’ 45 lb version of the Kruger Dreamcatcher with hatches and sealed bulkheads. I’d be using it for day trips, not expeditions. I like boats that are equally easily paddled with either a bent shaft canoe paddle or a kayak paddle. I don’t like all of the drips in the boat when paddlling a canoe with a kayak paddle and high angle stroke - a fuller deck with smaller cockpit would remedy the drip situation.

The hatches and bulkheads would eliminate the need for air bags and the large spray skirt when in rougher water. The Loon handles waves and wind very well and has very solid stability.

How about a Loon decked like a Dreamcather?

Ok, I have awakened from my dream now.

Sawyers available with wood trim now!

"A hard market to enter"
At Raystown, Charlie or DY or someone made a statement about the canoe business and spending down a fortune. Anyone remember it? It should be reproduced in needlepoint and framed.


On Superior Canoe’s website
Under “Layups and Options”

Just what is a “thorp”?


Inquiring minds want to know.

great quote
Uncle Harry (Harry Roberts) once told me “If I hit the lottery I would build canoes until it was all gone”…sorta says it all about making any money building canoes.

Thats nice to hear
Way back when there were Sawyers made with wood, but not sold saw Sawyer. Canoe Sport in Ann Arbor bought untrimmed 190’s and sold them as the CS190.