Scratch resistant coat on thermoformed?

Hi all

I have a Delta 15.5 which have a nice glossy finish to it but this finish can be scratched easily then swirls will appear. I know it’s all cosmetics and I can just polishing it once a while (every week), but can I just get something clear and glossy that harder and resistant to scratches on top of current finish?



Generally, no. It is the nature of the
beast. You can put a 3M automotive finish shield in the areas that get the most wear. It is a tough clear film with adhesive on one side for use on the front of the car to protect against stone chips and bugs. Other than this, or something like it, polish away. Bill

Yeah, I’m happy with 3M Marine
Paste Wax also, but while it helps the boat “slip” some scratches, if the force is high enough, the scratch is going to happen.

I suggest waxing the boat, but concentrating on just paddling and enjoying it. Once or twice a year you can polish off some of the scratches. Remember that when you use polish with a polishing compound in it, you are wearing off tiny amounts of the hull surface.

Don’t waste your time polishing…
…spend it paddling instead. The boat is going to get scratched, so just accept it and forget about it.

I have a Delta 1210 and use Novus Cleaner and Polish.

It seems to get out some of the scratches, then polishes up nicely. The kit came with medium and light scratch remover and the polish. Delta’s are beautiful boats and it hurts to get those first scratches, but it is innevitable. Had mine for 2 years and still looks awefully darn nice.

Thanks for all your replies
Thanks for all your replies.

My standard is bit high so I should clarify the scratches I’m talking about are these only visible under direct sun or other bright light conditions, nothing deep. Don’t get me wrong Delta is very strong.

What I’m thinking is can I have several coats of high gloss marine varnish over thermoformed plastic? Because I was told some of those varnish are very hard to scratch, in the worst case even they are just a little bit better I still have an extra layer to polish instead of bare plastic, which will just get thinner and thinner.


sure you can
If you want to add five pounds to your boat.