Scuppers and a Paddle

I am BRAND new to this sport…just got a FeelFree NOMAD today.

Just wondering…do scuppers REALLY keep you dry on a sit on top?

Also, I am a big guy 6’4" and 225 pounds…what type of GENERAL paddle do I need? Length seems to be an issue, but I have NO CLUE as to how long a paddle I need…

Any help would be appreciated…

Mr. Mike

Depends, But Generally, No
It depends on the design, and I am not familiar with the Feelfree, but most SOTs are a wet ride, even with scupper plugs.

ONNO makes a really great, very light, paddle for the money. A very good value.

You need the
"Small" yellow ocean kayak scupper plugs. I have the Nomad and they work for me. I’m 6’0, 250 and they don’t let any water in. However, if you do get some water in the kayak due to splash, DO NOT pull a plug to drain it. You’ll just fill the kayak up with more water. I learned that the wet way. :slight_smile: Instead, go to autozone or home depot and get a masonry sponge and keep on hand to sop up the water you get in the yak. I usually wade into the water a few feet and then slide the yak between my legs and sit down in the seat then bring my legs inside. Very easy, but gets a little water inside. Sponge gets 98% of it out!

As for a paddle, I use a Werner 240cm. It works well for me. When I got mine, the sales person told me to stand beside my paddle and hold my arm out to the side and raise it up at a little greater than a 60* angle. You should be able to curl your fingers over the tip of the blade. Seems to work for me!

Click on my profile and you can see my paddle. I don’t remember what model I got. Let us know how you like your Nomad. I love mine!