Sea Eagle All Dropstitch Inflatable

I just saw reference to this new Sea Eagle IK in the Canoe & Kayak magazine that just showed up in my mailbox (snail). All dropstitch is new. There have been dropstitch floors in NRS IKs (maybe others, too)and in rafts, but this is the first all dropstitch IK. The floor can be pumped to about 10 psi (vs. around 3 for non-dropstitch tubes) – making a much harder surface. Interesting. (It’s length and width make it more on the touring side than WW, hence my post here.)

too late to edit…
I said the floor can go to 10 psi – meant ALL of it – that was the point – sorry.

2nd thought: Sorry, this is probably the wrong forum for this unless I consider it advising/suggesting that someone looking for a touring inflatable keep this one in mind.