Sea Farin' Songs

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Thank you. I remember that song from my long-ago Boy Scouting days.

There was a regional band in Michigan during the years I lived there (around 1998 -99) who had a local hit with a poppy folk-rocky song about a canoe trip with “paddles banging” as part of the lyrics, but I have not been able to retrieve any memories of the title or the band name.

Found it! Band was “Troll for Trout” and the recording, “Canoe Song”, is about playing hookie to take a girl on a canoe trip. Here’s a link to a video of a performance and the lyrics. Has sort of a garage band Steely Dan vibe:

Canoe Song
written by Michael B. Crittenden
copyright 1998 Mackinaw Harvest Music(BMI)

we blew off work cuz the sky was so beautiful
headed north for a 3 hour drive
you cracked a beer…then you put some music on
you looked at me and I was real, real gone

in a flash
we were drifting down the river

with the paddles bangin
water splashin
ice meltin in the cooler
feeling like an Aztec ruler
Sun is shinin
all around us
music blarin from a boom box
bottom scrapin on the big rocks
I never thought that I would meet someone like you
Welcome to my canoe

Driftin with the current
It’s a bit beguiling
Blue water colors reflecting in your eyes
I’ve never met a girl who likes to drink like you do
You’re just like me in that respect, some sort of voodoo
And we’re driftin’ down the river

Well I’m doin’ all the work
but I don’t mind because she’s beautiful
Sittin’ in the back, I’ve got to steer, but I’ve got quite the view
The deer along the bank are kinda cute
But they’re not good kissers
Don’t quite compare to the one who sits in front of me now
Yeah, and we’re driftin’ down the river

A LOT by the band “Father, Sons and Friends”…30+ songs for sure. They tour today.
Some of Gordon Lightfoot’s— Farewell to Nova Scotia version. Also Harbour Le Cou (find on youtube) “The Ghost of Cape Horn”…awesome song…used it a documentary on tall ships.
The band Gaelic Storm has some great sea chanties too. Their last 7 cd’s have all reached #1 on world music charts catagory.

My favorite sea faring song:

Ship of Fools
Grateful Dead

Another one…

Lost Sailor
Grateful Dead

And Jerry Garcia/ David Grisman acoustic version of “Off to Sea Once More”-
This is an old English shantie about the dangers a sailor faces on shore (strong drink & women of the night)