Seals Pro Rand on an Avocet RM

It came
The sprayskirt is here and the boat-fit (dry) looks to be excellent. Sure, it’s harder to put it on the boat but I’m really hoping for a nice dry seal. As long as I can wet exit without too many problems, I’ll be happy. Looks to be very well made as well. I’ll be test driving it in water next weekend.

As far as my previous size concrns, I think that the differnet Seals model I tried on at the store was mislabeled. I appear to be on the border between L and XL but accounting for winter clothing, I’ll probably keep the XL.

Thanks for all the advice


finally a review
I took the new sprayskirt out today for the first time for a skills-pracrice session. I am totally satisfied and thrilled with it.

Body fit - I’m probably borderline between a L and XL but I went with the XL thinking it would come in handy with winter clothing. Time will tell whether this was the right decision.

Boat fit - the seal around the boat is SO good that you can ‘burp’ the boat - serriously. No water was getting into the boat when edging with the sprayskirt dipping into the water, like my previous one did. Just as a reminder - sprayskirt size is 1.4 and the boat is a 2005 Avocet RM. I was upside down several times today but I cannot test the seal this way because I don’t have a dry top. Water can and does come in through my shirt.

Difficulty of putting it on the boat - less than I was fearing especially if you hook the back on and then move your upper body forward to help get the front part on.

Difficulty of getting it off - less than what I was fearing. I wet-exit several times today (not all by choice…) and found that I could get myself out with a little force but certainly within reason.

The only task that was more difficult than I expected was getting the rand around the back of the coaming. It took extra work to tuck the rand under the coaming on my Avocet because the gap is narrow. But the payoff was a ‘tupperware’ seal. I think I can speed up the process with some more practice but I would much rather have that part harder than getting the thing off underwater…

And now…back to those skills… :wink:

Thanks for all the advice