Seats on SUP boards?...

Old thread, but probably still valid. I’ve just started using SUP in my late 60s. I anticipate haveing the same issue as the OP. My thought is that I wouldn’t need a seat, per se, as much as a “leaning post.” What I have in mind is a single post that attaches to a swivel in the deck, with another swivel beneath a small cushion. The rider would brace his or her butt against the cushion, taking some (but not all) of the weight off the legs. I think the monopole and swivel configuration would allow the rider to continue to shift weight to balance in chop, etc. - I suspect that a literal seat supported at multiple points and carrying the rider’s entire weight might impair this ability (depending on height above deck.) It might be of benefit to allow adjusting tension or locking one or both swivel joints. The support pole should be adjustable in length, I’m thinking of starting with an aluminum painting pole or equivalent. Any thoughts?

As one who is lot older then you and started on a SUP two years ago, I think you would do a lot better just getting time on the board. if you need a crutch, just use the paddle.
Jack L

I’m agree with Jack, the leaning post is not a good idea, and just provides leverage for flipping the SUP over. Buy or rent a stable fairly wide and long SUP. Avoid inflatables, you’ll find that a SUP that sinks a bit in the water is actually more stable than a very floaty thick SUP. Learn to paddle and use the paddle as a brace, always keep it in the water and moving for support. You’ll be surprised how much paddling an SUP helps strengthen your core muscles, legs, and improves flexibility and agility. I know several older SUP paddlers that have greatly improved their fitness just by getting out for an hour or so on a regular basis. If you can walk for an hour, you can paddle for an hour. You may need to do some exercises in the beginning but keep at it, it’s worth it and much more fitness promoting than kayaking or canoeing.

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Sea Dart puts it in a nut shell and is right on!

I had a good laugh the other day, when my wife and I paddled by an older couple who were probably thirty years younger than us. The guy yelled out that "you guys must have great “abs”.
I yelled back that I don’t know about "abs"but I love what it has done for my quads, my back, my hips and my upper body. then I quietly asked my wife: "what the hell are abs?

Jack L

That seems pretty cool. Is the SUP seat available? Is it a universal fit or only for specific boards?

I’d suggest looking at gettting a “fishing kayak” instead of a SUP for this. You can paddle standing, or sit on a nice sturdy high seat. I’m in the final stretches of selecting which one I’m gonna get for exactly this purpose, so can’t recommend a particular model yet, but here’s my shortlist:

  • Pelican’s The Catch
  • Brooklyn Kayak’s Angler
  • Native Watercraft’s Slayer
  • Old Town Sportsman 106
  • Perception’s Pescador
  • Lifetime Teton Angler

Key features upon which I’m gonna base decision:

  • Seat height?
  • Feet position ergonomics?
  • Pedal?

Love to hear if anyone has any experience with any of these models, or SUP Kayaks generally.


Although I don’t know your budget, but have to considered a sit-on-top kayak that you can stand it? Some of those have seats that adjust (for example the FeelFree Lure seat goes up to 10in). Some people say they are stable enough to paddle standing but it would also give you the benefit of being able to sit and paddle. Using the FeelFree as an example again, they can have a pull rope that helps you get up and can be equipped with a standup bar/support too. Also, I’m not sure if they require specific SUPs or not but I have seen quiet a few different types of seats for SUP boards! After a quick google search here is one, the Padillak SUP Touring Seat. Good luck in your search!

Y’all realize that this is from 2013. “tapelgan” The original poster was 78. That makes 'em 85 now. Wonder what Tapelgan did? Or is still doing?

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lol yeah I realized that as soon as I posted. I am new hear and saw this in the recent forums and decided to put my two cents in. Even though its old the information still might be relevant for others out there so I decided to leave my comment