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Hello, this is my first post. I have a 10' pelican pursuit and would like to get a more comfortable seat. I can't seem to find to many options for sit in kayaks. I'm looking for suggestions that are under $100.
Also, does anyone hunt ducks from their kayak? I want to try this, I have and outrigger made so stability is not much of an issue. I am trying to come up with a good way to secure my gun to the boat and cannot think of much. Let me know what you think.

duck boats
Might do a web search for duck boats, it’s a pretty common boat, or at least once was, for hunters.

Bill H.

What I am looking for
The current seat is just a molded seat pan with a thin foam backrest. After about an hour my butt and legs begin to fall asleep, and a little more support for my back would be nice. I am constantly shifting to find a comfortable position. I can only spend about 2.5 hours in the saddle before I cannot take it any longer. I have been contemplating the installation of a high-back seat made for a sit on top kayak. I have not found any write-ups, pics, or advice on the installation of this style seat in a kayak like mine. Has anyone done anything like this? What would you recommend?

for what it’s worth
Evergin, I don’t know if this will help, but when I was new to paddling I found my butt hurt a lot too. I even got sciatica, a term I had never heard of (but when you experience it, you learn a new term quick!). I found the condition went away after about a month of paddling. But it sounds like you’re sitting a lot. I was paddling. A lot of the people here are paddlers, not sitting waiting for a duck, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that little difference actually makes a big difference in what you experience. FWIW.

Pakboat seat
We just went through the same thing, upgrading the miserably uncomfortable seat in an old Dagger touring kayak I keep as a loaner for friends. Most of the gel or flat cushions (even inflatables) don’t really help and they can be costly. But, I can highly recommend the seat made by Pakboat for their folding kayaks (see link below):

At $97 it is well worth it. Since it is made to go in their folding aluminum and fabric boats, you should be able to retrofit it to your hard boat by adding some hardware fastened through the hull. We have a Pakboat XT-15 with this seat and it’s really comfortable, since the cushion under the front of the thighs is inflatable and adjustable. You can also adjust the angle of the very supportive padded seat back just by shortening the straps.

The only seat I have found more comfortable (but not by that much) is the inflatable stock seat in Feathercraft folding kayaks-- you can buy a Feathercraft seat also but it would run you $175.

I will caution you that a new seat may not solve all your comfort problems: proper paddling technique can avert some back aches and also maintaining good posture when sitting at rest will help (don’t slouch). Adjusting foot pegs correctly can help with leg discomfort too. If the boat doesn’t have pegs, think about adding them – they will increase your paddling power. I’ve found that adding exercises that strengthen my abs and that increase my lower back flexibility to my regular workout routines helps me stay in the kayak longer without discomfort.

Redfish kayaks
Go over to Joes web site and look for the foam blocks. In that section he offers precarved minicell foam tractor seats. For $10 more you can send him a template of the hull (if he doesn’t already have a pattern) and he will trim it to fit your boat.

This is what I put in all my boats and I find it is most comfortable seat I have tried. Of course you mileage my vary.

Also, you might try adding a thigh pad/brace. I found one one of my boat any sort of padding under my thighs helped that problem. That was before I discovered these seats.


What is Joe’s website? - Please reply to email:


Thanks, the Pakboat and Redfish seats both look good. Sitting still in the kayak is really the only time when I get uncomfortable. Unfortunately when duck hunting posture gets thrown out the window, concelement is everything and keeping a low profile is a must. I also do a fair amount of fishing from it, so I am usually sitting still for extended periods of time. Thanks to everyone for the ideas, keep them coming.

Think about trying a Bumfortable

I sell a seat called the Bumfortable. It is designed in New Zealand for long distance racing kayaker who regularly spend 4 to 5 hours racing. I have used them for years now and started selling them in the US about 4 years ago.

Everyone that uses them likes them and now canoeists are adapting them to use in their canoes with great success. Read the feedback on this page:

The seat has a raised back but is not intended to be a lounge chair, as in a racing kayak you lean forward forward for power.

Feel free to email me with any questions though my website



Redfish kayaks
For those following this thread who are interested, the pre-carved seat blank from Redfish is here:

I have a Bumfortable from PXT as mentioned below, and it is quite comfortable. I find it a bit narrow, although the sides flare out once you get your butt in it. With a strap through the molded-in slot in the backrest, it provides a proper amount of support. It is not within the OP’s budget however.