Sebastian Inlet SP, FL

We will be at this campground in Melbourne, FL in mid August. We were told you can canoe there.

It is off the intracoastal, then the inlet is there to the ocean, then there is the ocean.

Where do you canoe? In the intracoastal?

Seems the inlet would be real choppy

and we don’t have sea kayaks - we have canoes!

Any thoughts?

Thanks, JO

Indian River
is the broad estuary west of the barrier island through which the Intracoastal runs. We have canoed there often at different put in points. Round Island to the south on A1A has a nice put in and you can often see manatees. Good fishing for seatrout in the lagoon. Have fun. Sebastian also has a put in for the Indian River at the park if Im not mistaken. email if you need more info.


The Beach Is a Crowded Surfing Spot
There may be some spots further inland, but the beach there is one of the most crowded, and most territorial, surfing spots on the east coast.

Nice place
You can easily canoe in the river. Stay away from the inlet. If its a falling tide–your going out. VERY fast currents there. The river is quite nice. Manatees, dolphins, rays, etc. It is a beautiful area.

3 sections
There are three sections to the state park:

  1. Indian River/aka Intercoastal waterway. This is mainly for fishing and is very calm.

  2. The north side of the bridge is the beach for surfing and swimming. They wouldn’t allow a boat there.

  3. The south side of the bridge is also a beach, but for boat access, mainly fishing. This is where all the PWCs go.

    The river is very calm and should be enjoyable in a canoe, unless there are too many other boaters out. The beach is almost always choppy, and I wouldn’t use a canoe, but a 1/4 mile south of the bridge is a secluded area without boaters, but the same type of beach.

From my Dad who winters in Sebastian
"Ocean no good for canoeing, Inland waterway (Indian River) OK if wind not too strong. Have seen 3’ waves. Go west of US Rt 1 in Sebastian River. 5 mph speed limit due to manatees. Will see fish, pelicans, wildlife, alligators, birds etc."

About sums it up. Have fun - Cliff

Sebastian River is a great destination
if you’re paddling a canoe. As is Turkey creek a few miles north in Malabar. The Indian River (a lagoon) is exposed particularly if the wind is from the north or south. Wind is not likely to be a huge problem in the summer, although an afternoon sea breeze at 10 to 15 is not unusual.

Sun and heat will be an issue as well. You’ll probably find the tree-lined Sebastian and Turkey Creek a pleasant alternative.