@Sparky961 said:
I’m sorry for my lack of sympathy, but really… The small percentage of people that fall for this obvious and well publicized scam deserve what they get.

I understand but some people just aren’t that internet savvy. It happened to older friends who had an ad on craigslist, and they just didn’t know any better. Super nice but net-naive people.

Got as well. I rarely get scammers on craigslist but get a LOT of them from Not sure why but almost overwhelming.
Thanks for the tips. I do like the racoon living in the boat:)

I haven’t listed here for awhile and recently put a boat on the classified. I sold my last boat a few years ago here with no issues. I naively imagined this was still just as a community of paddlers. I have a couple of scammers per day. The first one I didn’t pick up on and thought the broken english was just typing on their phone. Now I see the pattern in them. I wondered why there were so few boats listed here now. Now I get it. Can I borrow that rabid racoon? :wink: