Separation Pains -

I’ve finally decided to part with one of my boats. I am up to 4. Does one man need 4 kayaks? Well I DO need one for everyday and I Do need one for reserve if I want a friend to go out with me. And I Do need a sit on top for when sitting on top just seems like the thing to do. So I really don’t need a fourth. But I don’t really want us to part. I told myself when I bought each of these boats that if I did not use it I would sell it. I told each of them not to get too attached to me. I know it will go to a good home because I will ask for a rehoming fee. Why oh why is it so hard to do???

But boats are things of beauty. To watch, to use, to long for. Each one is beautiful in its own special way.

Which is my favorite? All of them.

The ramblings of a man due to enormous stress…

Help me!

Give it to someone you love
with the condition that you can paddle it now and then.

Don’t do it -no, no, no don’t do it !
You can’t have too many boats.

There is a need for each one of them.

A few years ago we even had to build a boat barn as our fleet grew.

Jack L

I took pictures
I cleaned it so that it looks close to new.

I sat in in and though how nice it was. It is such a nice weekend I may have to float it tomorrow. But I promised I would list it tomorrow so the new owner could enjoy it before the weather turns.

It is the wrong color for me. I love blue but a blue kayak…I may get hit by some powerboater so I should sell.

I’ll find something sleeker, brighter, faster, …

Make and model of boat
you are selling? Price?

Monty Python
I can’t tell Jon.

If I name the boat there are two possibilities.

1 - Someone may want to buy it.

2. - Someone will say - Oh its only a ________ flesh wound.


I may have to listen to JackL - A voice of reason.

I can easily imagine a kayaker owning
a bunch of boats, because there are so many different things to do with them.

But one issue… Do you really paddle each of them enough each month to bring your skills, for that boat, up to a proper level? If not, then maybe you should focus just on one or two or three for which you can really keep your special skills up to scratch.

For example, you might have one kayak for fast cruising, another for surfing in rocky surf, and another for surfing clean waves. Each requires a somewhat different skill set. If you have opportunity to do all three activities skillfully, then you keep all three boats. Obviously you could also get into whitewater kayaking, and there you could have a creeking boat, a play boat, and a heavy water downriver boat. Some overlap in the skills, but you don’t need three whitewater boats if you don’t get deeply into all three areas of activity.

I have about a dozen canoes and kayaks, and I’m way overdue to sell some of them off.

I can definitely relate to that . . .
Today, I sold my ultralight airplane that I built 22 years ago. It had been sitting in the woods, under a tarp, for way too long, and I had promised my wife that I would give it up when I got into paddling. (Sigh.)

As I watched the buyer drive down my driveway with that old plane that had taken me on so many adventures, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend . . . I guess I was.

I still have every kayak, but guess it would feel the same to let one of them go.

I only have 8.
I know I need at least one more but I am thinking two more. I know I should sell one, but come on. What has that boat ever done to me? I don’t worry much about developing special skill sets for special boats. I think about, do I want to ride in that boat that day. I actually had one that did not go out for two years. It almost made the cut until I took it on the river again. No one here is starving, there is no justification for selling any boats.

I’ll tell you what hurts
You finally decide to sell a fiberglass boat because you bought a new one and the person who bought it lives across the lake from you. And she never takes it out. It sits upside down on the grass near the shore rain or shine. Instead she takes out a tub of a plastic boat. I see it several times a week.

Now that hurts
Couldn’t have dreamed up a more dismal scenario.

I had 1 of my 4 out today,
and it’s 1 of 2 that I thought about selling.

The circumstances were right for this outing, and I realize that I would pay a higher cost from its absence than it would yield from a sale.

I’d say to keep them if you can.

You don’t have any tandem kayaks
and not even one measly canoe as yet!

You need to get off this “I have too many boats” kick, sober up and get a grip on yourself.