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although I talked to someone just last fall who said she tooked the class and got her SOF done in the week of the class.

Probably best to post a question over at Qajaq/USA. I am sure someone there would know if Mark does not answer directly himself.


SOF Getting More Common Around Here

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in the northeast. Certainly, see 'em a lot more than I used to, although not anywhere near the number of commercial touring kayaks (dime a dozen).

Heck, I keep seeing someone with a SOF on his car driving near my neighborhood in Boston. Someone up the street from me has a strip built sea kayak. Don't know either of them.

The point is that it's not hard project to take on. The hard part is having a dedicated building space. Plenty of help can be found at both qajaq/usa and kayakforum sites.


Mark is no longer at Mystic Seaport
He left shortly after last year’s Arctic Boat Weekend. However, Wade and Sarah were still there as of last year’s event and they were the main instructors in the SOF building classes.

Brian may not be doing much traveling back east to teach in the future - he sounds burnt on the bi-coastal lifestyle. He may change his mind though, who knows.

Custom float bags I think are a must for any SOF - Spirit Line will make them to your specs, I believe. My SC-1 has a set of their custom bags through Cape Falcon.

If you are a beginner I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the SC-1. It paddles like a perfect day touring boat - very forgiving, weather helm neutral, highly maneuverable when leaned, tracks well due to the shape of the stern, accelerates quickly. AS A BONUS, it also is very accomplished in surf, or so I hear as I’m not a surf type person. I will say that it feels as fast as 17 foot sea kayaks I have paddled. It appears to roll effortlessly (in the hands of Brian, anyway), and handles chop and boat wakes very well.

For me, the fact that I don’t feel like I’m about to capsize (ever) has helped progress my skills more quickly - I paddle more now because of that. Also, because it weighs only 33 pounds and doesn’t get scratched or bent if you bang it around, I’m more inclined to put it in the water for a couple of hours every other day or so. Being a short boat at 13’9" makes it easy to maneuver on land as well.

OK, I’m an SC-1 fanatic now, but what can I say, I love my new boat, Carl

I’m building from a couple of the books mentioned and from web research. Just finished the frame today. The biggest challenge, at least here in the midwest, has been sourcing quality lumber.

The only other things I have to say are: 1)spend the money on a mortise machine, 2)spend the money on a wallpaper remover to use as a steam source.

Unlike those folks on the coast, I’d “drop” purple twinkies if I saw the guy down the street drive past with a strip or SOF.


Another link…

We are building the Sea Flea for my daughter. Easy instructions, and super duper step by step pics to guide you along the way!

Good Luck!


Black Dog Kayaks
has this been mentioned yet?


Why yes they can!

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A friend of mine had a chance to demo the 1935 greenland design. It is very nice: well built and paddles great.

(Another vote for Brian, it seems.)