sleeping pad

Thanks for all the great suggestions!
I’m thinking of going with the Thermarest Prolite 4 for light camping and kayak camping because it folds down so small. And one of those approx. $50 blow up mattresses for car camping for my wife, and maybe me when she doesn’t join me.

Can’t believe I missed the great sale on Prolite 4 at REI. I was hoping it would last past the expire date of the 20% off sale, so I could use a coupon I was about to receive. Wrong! Ouch, ouch.

One reason I hesitated, too, is that I would like to try before I buy. I’ll be going to REI this weekend and will see if they’ll let me place one on the floor for a test.

I should have just ordered it, then placed it on the floor, then returned it if I didn’t like it. Oh well.

Thanks again,

Paul S.

toss in a Thermarest Z-Lite
cut it down for shoulder to hips length. It’s the foldable egg carton like minicell pad. It makes a nice cushion to toss on bare ground which you can’t do with the inflatables and with the ultra light inflatable adds a bit more protection/cushion.

MEC has a ripoff of the ProLite for a lot cheaper. they call it the Celvin 2.5 and 3.8

I usually also bring a .5cm thick yellow foamie to put under my bivy, a bit of extra warmth and puncture resistance. and just nice to have for laying on the beach on.