sliding stroke

Another aspect of the storm
paddle is the reduced amount of spray one takes on while paddling in stormy wind driven waters.

A standard paddle and even a full size GP will deliver more spray to the face than an abbreviated storm paddle.

I’m still new to the GP thing but the benefits are making themselves rather apparent.

I’m listening to our first thunderstorm as I post this. It’s my time of year!

Pleasant waters to ya.


sliding stroke with long paddle…
I use this stroke a fair amount and I have also done GPS tests. I find that although I can get up to top speed faster with a standard grip and paddling as hard as I can, I can’t maintain that speed. However, if I slip into a sliding stroke, I can maintain a high speed while giving my sprinting muscles a break. I tend to switch between the two quite a bit while paddling just to use different muscles and cadences.

Whoa Scott! Not teaching nuttin to nobody! I am experimenting and learning as I go and I have a big mouth (or fast typin fingers). Nowheres near the realm of being able to analyze or teach. Leave that to the Jedi’s like Schizopak and others who clearly are either advanced or expert paddlers.