So, I made an app for paddling.

Earlier in the year I developed an app for my personal site to keep track of my cycling information and trends. Since then, I have expanded the app to include paddling, running, skiing/snowboarding and backpacking.

I find it is the easiest way for me to keep track of my destinations, who i went with, how long I was out for and photos and such. Anyways, the online application is completely free and I am looking for Paddlers input. What should I include to make it better, change to make it more functional or visually appealing? Please check it out at

Just create an account (totally free) and add yourself in as a member and start using the app. I am really looking for some valuable feedback to help improve this for other paddlers, cyclists, backpackers and all around outdoors people.

Once again

Thank you for any input in advance!

I tried to take a look, but, I’m not going to create an account just to look at what you’ve got. So far, I think you’re failing Marketing 101.

Looks good!
Nice website, I enjoy seeing fresh new ideas.

Best of luck to you,

Mark Morrall