Sock question

More in line with the OP…
Would neoprene socks and/or booties be warmer than layers of wool or other fabric socks? That was my biggest problem the last time I was out paddling. My feet got cold to the point of numbness. I was going to try out another option this weekend, but I will not be able to get out on the water.

Never wore wool socks with my wetsuit
I hate soggy feet, and wet wool socks inside neoprene socks would be real soggy. If it was real cold, I wore two sets of neoprene socks with my paddling shoes. When they got wet I could just empty them out. I suppose you could keep a extra pair of wool socks your drybag, and change if they got wet. They would probably keep your feet warmer than just the neoprene.

Good neoprene socks?
If you get a good pair of properly-sealed neoprene socks, they shouldn’t leak, and your wool socks shouldn’t get wet, right? Speaking of which, where do you get good-quality neoprene socks/booties/gloves that you can be assured aren’t going to leak? I had bought a pair of neoprene gloves from LL Bean, who I had assumed sold decent quality products, and they immediately leaked like there were gaping holes in the seams. It took two nights of painting the seams of those gloves inside and out before I got a good seal on them. How do I know any neoprene products from other vendors wouldn’t be just as bad?

I really want to come up with a good solution to keep my tootsies nice and toasty when I’m out paddling in the frosty air!

Layering up the tootsies…
I want to keep my feet nice and warm. So, here is what I was going to try the next time I go paddling, in order:

  1. Polypro liner socks
  2. Thick wool socks
  3. The thick felt liners I pulled out of my winter boots
  4. Kokatat Launch Socks
  5. Oversized water sandals

    Or would I be better off getting a pair of neoprene socks and trying the following combination:

  6. Polypro liner socks
  7. Neoprene socks
  8. Thick wool socks
  9. Kokatat Launch Socks
  10. Oversized water sandals

    Or is there some other combination or other products I should consider to keep my farm warm and dry in freezing temperatures? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think either would work fine
As far as neoprene socks being waterproof, I’d say that they are except for that big hole at the top where you put your feet in. Take a swim and your socks will be full of water. Doesn’t sound like there is much risk of that where you will be paddling though.

Where to buy?
If I wanted to get a pair of neoprene socks, where am I better off looking to get a quality pair that won’t leak (except through the big holes at the top)? Nearby, I have LL Bean, Dick’s, Cabela’s, and REI. Or am I better off ordering online?

Probably REI or LL Bean
Not sure about Dick’s or Cabela’s. You would probably get the best selection online. I usually order from NRS

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