SOF for a child?

Anyone tried a SOF for a child? I have at least 2 grandsons who are interested in paddling, but have no idea if the interest will last.

Seems like a SOF would be an economical way to find out.

One source of plans:

Sea Pup and Sea Flea – can be built as non-folders.

Pretty good read here

String , a long shot but …

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.......... there are 4 kayaks going up for auction in MD (DNR) on the 16th , sealed bids have to be in by the 13th .

I've seen them and they looked pretty nice to me but I didn't look close at them because I was looking at the canoes . The auction listing says they are all "Confluence WaterSport" kayaks , fiberglass !!

One is an 06 12' , a 92 14' , an 03 10' , a 98 14' ..
I can foreward the DNR auction email to you or anyone interested if they email me . The listing shows the boats and has all info.req. to get a sealed bid in .

These boats will go rediculously cheap I think . Sometimes a $100. bid is said to take a boat home .

Don’t know if you remember
Airwave from this board (he pops in occasionally now as Matt Johnson). He built a sweet little SOF for his daughter. Cost next to nothing since it was so short he used scraps from other projects. His blog address is Maybe you can get in touch with him from there.

Good luck