Solo Canoe advice

Backbands & footbraces
Bill - I sent you an e-mail to avoid being commercial. I can help you out with the above combination (it’s what I use).

…are you guys using those subliminal…
…message tapes at Raystown? As soon as a kayaker dozes off, you slip on the headphones?

On call weekends off…
Ok here are my weekend off call until April,and then that will change. I am off call the following weekends. March 4,11,25. April 1

If the Duckheads{or any one else} plan a paddle somewhere in those dates,that I can try out their rides, I would appreciate it. I can only offer a kayak choice of a Walden Spirit tandem,Vista,or the 700,as a back up up ride for you. Let me know which one you want to paddle. Thanks for all the helpfull e-mails. I guess you canoeist aren’t all that bad. LOL

Happy Paddling billinpa

Wenonah Advantage
I switched from kayak to canoe for the same reasons you mention, and was very happy in an Advantage for several years. It will not keep up with the QCC’s but is fairly fast and is much more comfortable. I found a double blade paddle to be too wet, but that may have just been my technique.

how about one of the first two?
Topher and Mike, would the 4th or the 11th work for you guys?

A HA !..
so that is why I spent more time taking canoe pictures then kayak pictures. And that also explains that tape rewinding noise I kept hearing.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Can anyone come to …
this solo fest? My wife just informed me she wasn’t going to put a whole lot of time into reading “Path of the Paddle” which eluded to my possible solo canoeing career (at least locally) She likes to paddle but not sure how involved she wants to get…

Easy On Dates
My season is still plenty open and I can show up just about anywhere…just about any time.

I can bring the Voyager and the Rob Roy.

how about the 11th
It looks like everybody’s calendar is open, so we may as well just pick a date. Shall we plan on the 11th?

I’ll have a Shockwave and a Merlin II. An Advantage and a Magic would round the selection out rather nicely, but I don’t know anyone in the area who has either one.

Since we are bringing the boats, Bill can be responsible for the food, beverages, and dancing girls L

Gee, I have both of those
Now how many hours is that from Minnesota? Sure wish I could make it!

Possible Boat Source
I’ll bounce it off Kris at BMO. He has an Advantage as one of his ‘commuters’ (he lives 4 miles upstream of the shop and paddles to and from work on all but the iced over days).

If he’s available I’m sure he’d welcome some Duckhead river company.

come on down!
For a man of the world such as yourself, it’s just a short jaunt around the corner.

How’s life treating you these days?

Life is good
My smiling muscles are still getting a workout. The family is good (although I would be willing to trade some teenagers off some days - heck, maybe even GIVE them away). At least the little ones are still sweet and my wife still loves me. She went on the DC trip with our second daughter this past summer. That’s two trips apiece, so we’ll be flipping over who goes with the next one five years from now.

Been squeezing in more paddling. Trying to work on river skills:

Who says you can’t paddle in December?

Business is good. The company is looking more & more like an octopus, with legs going in different directions. The newest one is an adaptive paddling seat that we’re introducing this spring. VERY excited about that one. Hoping to have it at Canoecopia in a couple of weeks.

I really should hop in the van and head east for one of these paddles. It would be good seeing you again, and meeting faces to put with names that I’ve known here for years. It WOULD be a business expense, right?

Ok some more dates…
All weekends off call. April 1,15,22 / May 6,13,27. I would be glad to join up with you guys for a day paddle somewhere between March & May. My camper won’t be ready for service until after April 15. I still have my tents so that’s an option. I would like to try out c2g’s Shockwave,a Advantage,a Magic,a Merlin II. Remember I am looking for a speed cruiser without being super unstable,I have little need for great volume. Topher,I am afraid the Voyager is out for me, because of it’s length,and the Rob Roy,I already have a boat similar in size. Bring whatever you want to paddle,but I really do want to try the Advantage,if you can swing it with Kris.

Ok Mike McCrea,just where is Trap pond?? I also have a Dry suit,so cold water won’t be a problem for me in March or April. The 11th of March I am available up to 3 pm,and we have made arrangements to go out to eat that night. Let me know what suits all of you . I am in no real hurry ,Yet,until I sell the 700. I probably will place an ad in P-net around the middle of March,unless someone talks to me before that. Thank for all your help & suggestions.

Happy Paddling billinpa

11 March and possible location
It looks like several folks are interested in the 11th. There are some spots on the Susquehanna between York and Shank’s Mare Outfitters in Wrightsville that have easy water access and plenty of parking. In fact, there are two places right by Shank’s Mare. Then if anyone likes what they have paddled and wants to buy or order right away, BMO is only about 45 minutes up the road.

To add to c2g’s post…

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At Shanksmare near Wrightsville is not Fish & Boat waters,so no DCNR permit or registration required to paddle there. There is parking for 25-30 cars,and a 15' walk to the water from the parking lot.Poling is doable along the shore for several miles.Even in the center of the river it is only a few feet deep,and around most of the islands there,so bring those poles if ya got em.Snow geese & eagles abound.Shanksmare also has a upper floor for parties that can be reserved {up to 30-40 people}. Liz from Shanksmare will cook up a great dinner for a small fee from each person if enough attend. Her herb roasted salmon,and other dishes are to die for.It's BYOB for the drinkers.Winter sales now on too, for gear.Oh yeah ,they have bathrooms too. I can set up a reservation if enough are interested. Just some info for out of towners.

Happy Paddling billinpa

a couple of questions
We started out looking to set something up so that Bill could try out a couple of boats, but it looks like there is a little wider interest. Because there is no campground that I’m aware of in the area, this would be a single day event.

Should we move the discussion to the Getting Together board and open it up to whoever wants to come, preferrably with plenty of folks bringing boats for others to try out, and the more of them solo canoes the better?

I like Bill’s idea of arranging a dinner at Shank’s Mare afterwards. It sounds pretty inviting.

I’d love to come
Where is it?


Never mind
I found it. I’m up for it.



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It'll be good to see you there, Doc. It looks like Tebpac is interested, plus you, Bill, Mike, me, and Topher. There are a couple of other folks from down here that we can talk to, and hopefully other folks will start chiming in. If we are going to do it, it would be nice to see a reasonable assortment of solo canoes for folks to try out, plus whatever else shows up.

I guess I may as well post something over on the other board to get things rolling.