Songs that feel like gentle swell

Beautiful. Great topic. Thanks.

a long time favorite sea farin’ song
Jimmy Buffett performing Southern Cross
This song by Mean Mary has become another sea farin’ favorite

Thank you all for the threaded musical respite.

One song that comes to mind for me, whenst rolling the topknot vessel over those rhythmic gentle swells sought by pikabike, is this somewhat dirge-like but peaceful tribute to cetaceans by CSN:

Then, there is this one by Van, which, though I’m not particularly a religious fellow, struck a reverent and rhythmic reminder into my paddled cadence as I canoed out over the not-so-gently wind-chopped, dark Assateague waters, one November evening years back:

No longer a Christian, but I tend to sing this when paddling in heavy chop …

Leo Kottke

This may not be real ‘gentle swell’ feeling but I think it’s the most beautiful tune Kottke ever did. And Pika… Cool Change has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now. I’m not complaining.

The lyrics are not nautical but the rhythm fits in this beautiful song I heard this morning.

how about Otis

@pikabike said:
The lyrics are not nautical but the rhythm fits in this beautiful song I heard this morning.

He needs a PFD.
over a decade ago… moi on guitar/vocals

need headphones on this one!!

A lot of good suggestions above. Castoff, thanks for the introduction to Mean Mary.

Here is a little Bob Weir:

This is a great Eno song from “Before and After Science (1977)” about being adrift at sea, very atmospheric, a precursor to his ambient music…

The Moldau, by Smetana, most of it except for the hunting section.
Portions of Bue Danube Waltz, Strauss. Following clip includes dancing ballerinas that were so silly I couldn’t resist.

Jerry Vandiver’s songs are wonderful paddling songs from a PADDLER himself. “True and Deep” and “Me and Molly” are my favorites, but many great songs from a Nashville writer with a resume of hits from several country artists. Tough to listen to “Me and Molly” if you’ve ever had a 4 legged paddling partner!

Word is that Jerry Vandiver will be back at the Quiet Water Symposium this March.

Blue Danube is very ‘gentle swell’. Good pick.

D Bain, “The Old Canoe”

Not a song, but you still get the feeling nevertheless.