SOT for non-flat belly

Another good website for inquiring minds
seeking answers to SOT fishing kayaks is Post there and you’ll get plenty of replies from folk that really know kayaks and kayak fishing.

3rd that
T-160 rocks, now Steve when are we getting the T-180!!!

Try A Perception Bimini
I’ve been all over the Cedar Key area with my Bimini and the seas were very confused, the boat was stable with waves breaking over the front. It’s a little narrower the the tarpon.

Ditto on WS T-140
I also have a WS Tarpon 140 and agree that it is very stable and relatively quick. It’s specs and load capacity are almost identical to the 12’ model. I demoed them both before buying the 140 and the only major difference I noted were that for some reason more water seems to come through the front scuppers on the 140 than the 120. The boat’s weights and widths are nearly identical so I guess it must be attributed to how the weight of the paddler is distributed over the extra 2 feet of length. The 140 also tracked slightly better but that’s only natural having a little longer hull. The 140 is about $100 more retail and you probably couldn’t go wrong with either model. Some folks have mentioned the 160i as well…never demoed it myself but have heard goods things from others both here in the forums and at the kayak shop.