Sou'wester source?

My ol’ Tilley is no longer waterproof and getting kind of haggard looking. It was white at one time, but a couple of baptisms in Fundy tidal bore mud and 6 years of hard usage have taken their toll. It now looks like the Tilley in the infamous “elephant keeper” story.

Soo, thought I’d just go to my local chandler, or MEC, or Mark’s Work Wearhouse, or even Crappy Tire and grab one. No go. ebay produced only some kind of Aussie knock-off for an ungodly price.

Anyone have a source for a real Sou’wester?

Lee Valley

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Wha Ho, Pilgrim'

Ah' just got a genuine Cape Ann south'wester from Lee Valley. Heavy duty hat.,42407,33245&ap=1

Fat Elmo

Peggy’s Cove
Seems like I saw a pile of them last summer. Yellow or black, your choice.

I did’t look at the prices.


Forgot all about Lee Valley, and I DID see 'em at the Peggy’s Cove gift shop last summer but assumed they would be overpriced. Will check both. Thanks!

Last fall I bought a Kokatat Sou’wester at BMO to replace the 15 year old Seattle Sombrero that had died. Mine is Gore-Tex (pricey) but there is a less expensive model in Tropos. Very comfy, virtually no persperation.


Old School Sou’westers

souwester source

Excellent product.

Many thanks, that’s the one I’ve been looking for. Hadn’t thought of CCR (I’m a member too) and I notice the Cape Anne is built in my home province.

Get another Tilley
Don’t forget Tilleys are guaranteed against loss (provided you still have guarantee form that came with it).