Speed and capacity - which kayak(s)?

0. Which surf ski do you paddle, and in what conditions

Epic V12, rivers and lakes. Love the rough stuff but haven’t paddled surf.

  1. What is your weight/height

    6’3", 180, extremely handsome.

  2. What are your camping experiences

    Mountain backpacking, canoe camping, up to a week.

  3. Where do you intend to tour ( Celia asked the same thing below)

    Pacific Northwest, mostly lakes.

  4. What is your definition of quick enough for touring

    Not sure. I just know that i don’t want to be slow and will often want to cover good distance.

  5. What are your expectations of touring. Basically what do you see yourself doing while touring - going from point A to point B, or poking all over rocks and what not.

    Mostly Point A to Point B, doing my poking around (on foot) after reaching Point B.

    Appreciate all the input here. Thanks!

I didn’t know…
…they let power boaters on this site.

Impex cat
Take a look at the reviewe here on paddling.net for the Impex force cat 3-4&5 It may be what you are looking for?? But a used Cat will cost you $2.000 to 2600$$$$

Hee hee
A handsome troll?


CD Solstice GTS
Good all around boat for tripping. Very fast even with a load.

Rockpool Taran


Availability=Too new to find used

got it
Go for the go-fast boats with rudders, listed above, provided they fit - at your height there might be issues with deck height not matching size of your feet.

Qcc700, Epic 18, Thunderbolts, Rapier 18, whatever they said.

Incidentally there is 18.5ft Pacific Star listed in classifieds - no personal experience with that boat, but at 1300 asking price might be worth a second look. Oh, p.net reviewers just love it! :wink:

Thanks for the ideas!!

Plumb Bow probably
Generally speaking, probably want a plumb bow style

and with some gear weight they’ll sit nice in water.





There are quite a few Gliders listed in
Seattle on Craigslist. I would check them out.