Spring Surf

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Wonder if it this guy who is selling his “Milo” waveski.



It’s a woman on Facebook. There’s a “Kayak surfing New England” Facebook group. About 200 members, probably half a dozen who seem to post about getting out. Seems more “south coast” and RI than anything else.

Interesting. I helped start and moderated the defunct New England Surf Kayakers message board. I just lost steam with moderating the board and it passed away after 6-7 years. I am not on face book (P-Net is enough) and have no clue that another surf kayakers group now exists. Usually, when I run into surf kayaker or waveskier, it is someone I know from the past. I have not really run into anyone new (except ww boaters playing in surf.


3’ plus, with sunshine and air temps of 80 degrees forecasted for Sunday. Time to get wet! Forgot it’s Memorial Day Weekend - the start of summer crowds. Will need to get out earlier to find parking space and to avoid the crowds. Tide is right for just past dawn patrol.


Memorial Day Weekend - Yup, pretty much marks the end of my surf season at Nantasket. Way too crowded.

4’ plus swells @10-11 second, with a good offshore breeze cleaning up. Got to the break around 7:30 AM, after the high tide had dropped a bit. Also, my hope was to be at the break before masses arrive with the forecasted sun and 80 plus degrees. Beautiful surf, actually better for a waveski than a longboat. But, I brought the longboat and stuck with it. I got out in a section between to line-ups of boardies. Got in about 1.5 hours of surfing, before the boardies started to close in on my section of the break. The longboat was fun for catching waves from farther out, but it was no waveski on the wave. No way would I be able to control the boat to get around a boardie in front of me. Rather than risk running over someone, I called it a day.

By the time I called it quits, the beach was getting crowded with surfers and sunbathers. When I got back to the parking spot, all the parking in the lots and street were gone. Cars were cruising round and round looking for a parking space to clear. Yup, the no more surf sessions Nantasket until after Labor Day, if not Columbus Day.