Standing up in a kayak

I know two ways

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The first way I tried involved squatting with both feet on the seat, then slowly rising to a crouch, and finally to a full standing position. It was not hard to do after a little experimentation. Next I did it on the back deck just behind the coaming--but don't do this is you're heavy and/or doubt the strength of your kayak's rear deck.

The second way was demonstrated by Leon Somme. He started by squatting on the back deck and then quickly jumping to a full standing position. I tried this and found it harder than my way.

Expect to capsize or jump off before an imminent capsize while practicing. It's fun on a hot day!

Although some view this as a useless trick, the practice is helpful when you need to get into or out of your kayak next to a VERY high dock. Any balance exercise in a kayak could be useful, IMO.

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Same way here
The first way you described is pretty much how we all figured out to do it, too.

I’ve never tried the second method. We’re all fairly light and have sturdy boats, so it might just work. We’ll have to try it now that the water has warmed up in these parts.

Leon’s method sounds harder but then he’s Leon and I’m no Mr. Somme – or Shawna Franklin, either.

Freya can probably rotate on her head in her cockpit.

One tip…
Try looking at the horizon, rather than the boat or surrounding area. It will help with keeping your balance. Leon actually stands on the back deck of the kayak, which is why you need the little “hop”. Both are challenging. You can also try sitting on the back deck with your feet on the seat and paddling – that little bit of height changes the center of gravity level, and your legs are no longer helping.

Once you’re standing, you can use your paddle in an extended position to provide a little support by sculling, or even paddle forward, Gondola style.

It’s all fun, and also a good way to develop balance. Add in juggling some tennis balls and you can win a few bets :wink:

– Tom

Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Ain’t nothing to it
We do it all the time on the Chattahoochee and we use Kestrels, Tsunami 125, 140 and Neckys

Slow and easy. If you laugh at someone who falls you will be in the water in a second.

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