Starter kayak

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I'm a canoe guy, so my knowledge of kayaks is VERY limited. I want to purchase a good starter yak for my 7 year old son. Should I get a SIK, or SOT? I want to purchase one that he'll be able to enjoy on flat water and the occasional riffles that are present on our paddling trips. Any advice would be appreciated.


Perception Carolina 12
I don’t know if this is suitable for a 7 yr old, but some friends of ours got their daughter, (who’s maybe 9-10), a Perception Carolina 12, and she runs circles around her parents in their longer Liquid Logic boats. The Carolina is a really cute little boat, that is apparently quite a bit more capable than some of the mini-rec boats that kids so often wind up in.

Another Option
Perception seems to have it when it comes to kids boats.

Besides the caronlina 12, they also have the acadia scout, 10 ft, intended for ages 8-12, suggested weight 50-120 lbs.

Acadia Sport

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Is what I put my 8 year old daughter in last year. Although she hates the molded in plastic seat,( she says it's very uncomfortable) after about an hour or so, she loves the way the boat handles. It's a good boat to get a youngster out on the water and learning the basic strokes and start leaning a bit. Working on outfitting it for her this year so the seat becomes a non issue. Have fun, it's a great activity for father/child bonding.
Oops- misspoke. Make that Acadia Scout!